Tuesday, January 29, 2013

La Vega Estate, Gran Couva

I recently visited La Vega Estate in Gran Couva (Trinidad) for the first time. The compound is very well groomed and welcoming.

Dragonfly posing
You can park in the main car park and browse the flowers, fish, tools  and decorations for sale. There is a washroom available here also.
My costs for the day inside the rest of the compound were:
$25 to enter the rest of the compound for the day.
$30 for a rod and macaroni bait.
$5 for pellet to use as fish bait also.
$150 for a shed the shore of Lake George.

Compound Map
We got a small map as this was our first visit. At the same front desk where you paid for flowers etc is where you pay entrance fees. There were grocery shelf snacks,drinks and fruits available to purchase.

It took a minute slow drive on the gravel road to reach Lake George which is the largest body of water. The shed itself had benches all around and a large table in the centre. A tap was about 20 meters from the shed we were in to get water. The washrooms were at the top on a small hill close by.

Strolling peacocks

Peacock posing


We had access to everywhere on the map until it was time to go at 5pm . Since the house on top the hill was vacant at the point in time we were able to drive up and see what it was like. If we did not rent a hut we could find a spot on the shore and fish anyway.

The were a lot of fish in the pond but getting them to bite was the problem. We would lose bait regularly but that is part of the fun.

Car Park and front desk

'Cappy' eating star apples

Fruits were available for sale at the front counter.

Toucan Trail

Red Pond
It is easy for the day to pass here so try to reach as early as possible

Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Vega-Estate/119280348155437
726 Gran Couva Main Road,
La Vega Village,
Gran Couva,
Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.
Telephone: (868) 679-9522
Fax: (868) 679-9571
Email: info@lavegaestate.com

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