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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Roadside assistance contact info

Here is a list of the roadside assistance numbers for major insurance companies in Trinidad and Tobago:


No service currently, coming 2015

625-4445, then press number for Motor Assist

622- 4826 (TCM roadside assistance, 24 hrs)

800 4869(4TOW)


These services above are only offered free to fully comprehensive plans. There are a few other companies that you can call if you are third party or not even a client with these companies. Some of these companies offer other services such as jump starting, fuel top up and flat tyre changing.

800 STAR(7827)

A list of private providers:

Updated 26th March 2015

Wrecker services in Trinidad and Tobago
People who tow cars in Trinidad
Road side assistance providers
People to move cars that are shut down
Phone numbers for wreckers

Modern mafias controlling sand

Who knew things could be so dangerous for sand?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Evidence in Ferguson

I am not sure what more evidence is needed, but like Trinidad I can see the officers just being transferred with no real consequence.

How bold can a cheater be?

It seems there is no consequence serious if found cheating, just some corporal punishment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to make a complaint of bush on abandoned or vacant lots

If there is a lot of land or building that is not being maintained by the owner you can make a complaint about it. Call the County Medical Officers of Health (CMOH) for your area. Contact info:

They will pass on the info to the Public Health Inspector (PHI) for your area who would pursue the complaint. You can make a report for lots with known as well as unknown owners.

Lots with bush or garbage is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, rats, snakes etc. and should be kept clean for the good of the entire neighbourhood.