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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kia Sorento power window not working

I had a problem with the power window switch on a Kia Sorento. This solution may work for any other car as well. Many problems can cause the symptom described below.

The window would work if I controlled it from the driver door but not from the button on the passenger door. The issue in my case was that the contacts for the switch were dirty and worked properly after being cleaned. The same problem may happen if a switch gets wet for any reason. After the car was retinted I had to open the switches to let them dry out because the cleaning liquid used to remove the old tint dripped into the switches.

The method to access the switch is similar for most cars. The piece of trim that the switch sits in can be popped out usually. Other pieces of trim may have to be taken out first like I had to do.

The switch assembly comes out of the trim. The driver switches are all on one assembly. A small flat head was used to pry the switch assembly off the trim. The switch has notches on all sides to keep it in place.

The switch is basically 3 layers. The screwdriver was used to carefully separate them. The top layer is a cover which is what you press and pull to control the window. The middle layer is mostly electronics. There are tiny parts involved so you should work on a large flat surface where any parts that fall can be found easily.

 The bottom layer has 2 contacts for the main power used to drive the window motor. Over time the contacts become dirty and no longer close.  In this particular switch the 2 thin flaps get pressed down to meet the round pads to close the circuit. Dust and dirt accumulates here as well as the contacts wear away over time.

I used a scrap cloth  and a flat head screwdriver to wipe the contacts clean. The parts were reassembled and the window is once again working properly. There are many other problem that can cause the same issue but this worked for me.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

How to renew drivers permit

When I renewed my Trinidad and Tobago driver's permit the process was very simple:

1. Go to one of the licence offices and fill out the renewal form which is available at the counter. The offices are in:
Chaguanas - Ramsaran Street
Point Fortin
Port of Spain - Wrightson Road
Port of Spain - St James - Western Main Road
Princes Town - Naparima Mayaro Road
San Fernando - Pleasantville
Sangre Grande

2. Go to the first counter to submit the form and confirm if you will be renewing for 5 years or 10 years. You surrender your old permit at this point to the clerk. You can take a picture of it for personal records.

3. At a second counter, pay either $500ttd for 5 years or $1000ttd 10 years renewal at the cashier for your light motor vehicle class. Other classes have different prices and may include a medical fee to have your blood pressure and eyes tested. There is no advantage of choosing one or the other except the time span. Walk with cash since many times no other form of payment is possible and there may not be an ATM close by. If I owned a bank I would install one at each license office.

4. Wait to be called to have your picture taken and signature recorded. You will be asked to verify; permit information printed on a slip. Look at the spelling of each word carefully to be sure it is correct.

5. Wait for your new permit. Double check that all the information is correct before leaving.

-  I would avoid the Wrightson Road and San Fernando offices because they are usually very busy. Also call the office before you go to confirm they are operating properly. Click here for phone numbers.
- Go at an off peak time like after 9.00am. There is usually a line first thing in the morning. Also do not go too late because some cashiers close early at noon, 2.00pm, 3.00pm etc.
- You are expected to be properly dressed when going to the office. Decent short pants and slippers may be allowed but no vests, caps and tank tops, strap tops etc, basically your shoulders should be covered. Avoid excessive makeup.
- Walk with cash because that may be the only accepted method to pay since linx and credit card machines may be out or order and cheques are not accepted and there may not be an ATM close by.
- Call before going to the office to verify they are open and the cashier's closing hours. An office may be closed due to an HSE issue, no water or electricity or workers are sick etc.
- The entire process actually takes 20 minutes assuming there are no lines.
- Parking for some offices are non existent so ask your friends about the area if you have never been there before.
- Carry a pen for your own convenience.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

How to become a morning person

I recently changed the way I wake up in the morning and if I can do it I think anyone can. My goal was to have more time in the morning because I liked sleeping in and it seemed like I had a shorter day than other people.

In order to accomplish this I did the following:
1. Go to sleep on time.
I set a time that I would go to sleep by in order to get enough sleep to be fully charged the next day. This is a critical part of waking up early. You should not be lacking sleep when you wake up earlier, you are changing your waking hours and this starts from the day/night before. Also avoid caffeine or sugary drinks before going to sleep which might affect your sleep.

2. Wake up with the first alarm.
I used to press snooze on my alarm and take a few minutes more sleep then maybe press it a second time and sleep some more. This had to change and I now get off the bed as soon as the first alarm wakes me. This will seem difficult at first but is an essential part of changing your habit.

3. Put the alarm out of reach.
I forced myself to come out of bed to stop the alarm and this helps waking me. Moving after you wake up is a big step toward waking up. What works well for me is twisting side to side at my waist and rolling my shoulders forward and back.

4. Do this consistently for a month.
Part of changing a habit is being trained in the new routine. Your body will learn the routine and remember it. After this you would become accustomed and not want to press snooze anymore.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

How to block unknown callers

I have heard many stories of people being harassed via calls to their cellphones. There may be some easy ways to stop this if the victim owns a smartphone.

Most people do not know the full potential of their own smart phones. The phones may have a built in option to block numbers whether they are known or unknown. The exact method to block a number would be different for each phone and version of operating system they run.

You may have the option to long press on a number in the call list and then get a popup asking if you want to block the number.

You may have to go into your settings and find an option for a 'blocked' list. Add the number you are avoiding to that list.

These may or may not allow you to block unknown numbers. Another option may be if you are able to whitelist specific numbers. This would only work if you have a short list you want to receive calls from.

Another option is to download an app that gives you the ability to block numbers. Do a search in your app store whether it is Android, Microsoft, Apple or anyone else and see what comes up as a popular app and has good reviews. You do not need a data plan for this as it can be done over WiFi. 

If this happens with your landline or you do not have a smartphone I suggest you report it to your provider (Tstt, Digicel etc.) and perhaps also the police. There is not much you can do to block calls on your landline.

If the calls persist or you still feel threatened then do not hesitate to make a report to the police. There may be little they can do according to the law but you need to do your part and report it.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trinidad overlay on different cities

I wanted to see how the size of Trinidad compared to different cities around the world. This is purely an academic exercise and not meant to imply anything.

Trinidad overlay on Jamaica

Trinidad overlay on London

Trinidad overlay on Miami

Trinidad overlay on New York

Trinidad overlay on Toronto
Trinidad overlay on Abu Dhabi

Trinidad overlay on Canberra

Trinidad overlay on Caracas

Trinidad overlay on Tegucigalpa

Trinidad overlay on Malaysia

Trinidad overlay on New Delhi

Trinidad overlay on Paris

Trinidad overlay on Tokyo

 How big is Trinidad compared to New York City
Map overlay or Trinidad and Tobago on Toronto

Digicel DL755 and DL810 review

I recently got my hands on both of these and here are my thoughts.

Digicel DL755
- Android 5.0.1 Lollipop
- 8GB internal storage
- SD card slot
- Flash on camera (can be used as flashlight)
- Clear colourless silicone case included with phone
- Option to choose order of buttons back,home,preview or preview,home,back
- FM radio available with headset plugged in

- Very narrow viewing angle on screen (screen cannot be read easily if looking at it from any angle except directly ahead)
- Phone feels slow even though it has a 1.2Ghz dual core CPU it has a lot of lag and apps are slow to open.
- Calls were stable but the speaker and mic were low volume during calls.
- No update for OS yet
- Quadrant score of 4744

Digicel DL810
- Decent sized 1780mAh battery giving a long standby time
- 8GB internal storage 
- SD card slot
- Flash on camera (can be used as flashlight)
- Screen has a wide viewing angle and is responsive when touched
- Speakers loud and clear
- Android OS version 5.1
- Quadrant score of 9648 (double the score for DL755, higher is better)

- No case or screen protector included
- No OS updates yet
- Screen is not very sharp as it is 480x854 on a 4.5 inch screen.

Final words
If I had to choose between these phones I would choose the DL810 since it runs more smoothly, has a better screen, better camera and newer OS version. If you take a M or higher post paid plan it is definitely worth the $99 extra for the handset.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to set up a skybox account

This is a basic guide on how to set up a freight forwarding (skybox courier) account from the US, Canada, UK etc to Trinidad and Tobago.
This first part assumes you have your own credit card. The credit card can be from any country as long as the website you are purchasing from accepts it.

1. Choose your provider. There are many to choose from. A quick search on the internet shows a long list. I suggest one with free membership and that charges you on weight rather than volumetric size. Many things ordered online come in over sized boxes. This means you may be charged a lot for a large box which is very light because it has a small item in it. Ask your friends to see what they recommend because there are many factors to consider such as your location, delivery schedule, customer care attitudes etc. Some do not deliver or charge extra to deliver to 'remote' areas or on certain days only.

2. You will receive an address within the US, Canada, UK etc from the provider. This address needs to be added as a secondary address to your credit card. If this is not done the purchase is likely to be declined. Only after this then make a purchase online and ship the items to this new address. The billing address is also the new skybox address. Leave the address format as it was given to you, do not let the shopping site auto-correct or edit the addresses. This could make the address wrong and you can lose your package.

3.  Pre-alert your package if you have the option of doing so. You can notify some couriers of a purchase you made and they would supposedly have its processing in a more advanced state than if you do not pre-alert. This is supposed to cut down the time it takes to get to you. Notify them of the same value that you spent and not less otherwise you would be breaking the law.

4. Track your packages. You should track your packages to ensure they are delivered to the correct address or if they are late. Some delivery companies within the US deliver goods to a collection facility before their final destination and still mark the item as delivered. The item may stay there a whole week or more until a substantial pile collects and is then carried across to the courier's facility. Do not be upset with the courier for this as it is out of their control. The US postal service regularly does this. The courier may notify you that a package was received at their US facility when it is actually received.

5. Wait for item to land in Trinidad. Most companies notify you a package was received in Trinidad and the cost to you. The cost may be broken into separate sections such as shipping and then customs or may be combined into one single figure. I have noticed that customs charges are very erratic, sometimes you get a low charge and sometimes high for the same type of item. I am wondering if it is just based on the customs officer at that point in time and how thorough they may choose to be.

6. Wait for delivery. It may take a couple days after the item lands for it to come to you. This depends on the volume of goods received as well as traffic conditions. You pay the courier on receiving your item. If your courier does not deliver or you choose to collect at their office you can go in as soon as your get notification of it being in Trinidad. This may be quicker than waiting for them to deliver.

If you do not have a credit card or prefer not you use your own, some freight forwarders offer the service of purchasing the item for you as well as importing it. After they purchase it the process is similar to what is explained above.

If you like this post please support the blog by clicking on ads. Please comment about what courier you use and how it is working for you. 

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