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Friday, January 30, 2015

Be nice to your customers

I would not be surprised that there are many more cases like this all over the world.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to buy or sell a vehicle

This is a guide for the process of buying or selling a car in Trinidad and Tobago. This is meant as general advice and I accept no liability or responsibility resulting from any advice given here. All consumers are responsible for their own education of their legal rights and the purchasing options available to them.

The bulk of the local vehicles are foreign used ie. vehicles used in other countries and then imported. Many of these vehicles have very similar amazingly low mileage which you cannot help but feel suspicious of. Vehicle odometers can be rolled back easily and buyers should be wary on any used vehicle, foreign or local used. The majority of the imported cars are Japanese (Nissan and Toyota). These have more readily available foreign used spare parts which are cheaper than parts from dealerships. In many cases the dealer does not even stock certain parts because it would be so much more than the cost of a foreign used one and probably never be sold.

Buying or selling a locally used vehicle

There are many places to advertise or view local used cars for sale. Many of the websites or Facebook groups allow posting/advertising your vehicle for free.

If you are going to view a vehicle for purchasing you should go during the day to see it properly. The buyer and seller can arrange to meet in a central location like a mall car park. Take it on a test drive for at least 10 mins to get a feel of the handling and running. If you like what you see, get it inspected more thoroughly by a mechanic shop where it can be hoisted up and given a 360 degree inspection for damage or leaks and deterioration.

You can have the car credit/ownership history checked for a fee at Motor Critic on Mucurapo Road, St James, POS. (They seem to value cars slightly below the true value though). There is currently no accident history database available for Trinidad and Tobago so your inspection would have to be thorough enough to pick up on repair work done.

Transferring a car 
The process is outlined very nicely here:
The link also has additional info including the timeline for number plate series and relevant fees.

After the process is complete the new owner is responsibility for breakdowns etc unless there was an agreement made by the buyer and seller, which is very rare.

Buying a foreign used car

There are hundreds of foreign used dealers across the country. Each of them have their own reputations. They are all required by law to have a 3 month limited warranty on certain parts of the car. Some dealers keep a few cars stocked in their yard while others only import as customers purchase. This means it would be a few weeks before receiving the vehicle and after making a down payment. Foreign used and local used vehicles are usually similarly priced.

Buying a brand new car

This is the most expensive option. There are many dealerships that offer brand new vehicles from a host of manufacturers. They typically give a few years warranty provided that you have your vehicle serviced by them which is typically much more expensive that outside of the dealership.

How to program Airlink cable TV remote

Airlink URC 2025 universal remote
If your remote is not working there are a number of reasons that can cause this.

1. If you are pressing buttons and the led (light) on top of it is not blinking when you press a button the battery is dead or not making proper contact. You may be lucky and just have to spin the battery a couple times to get the remote to work. If not you will have to replace the battery.

2. The remote may has lost its programming, due to dead batteries or on its own. To reprogram it:
- Press the white button for the device you want to program (eg. Cable or TV)
- Press and Hold(4 seconds) the white SETUP button until the device button blinks red twice
- Press the code for the device (eg 2142), after which the device button will blink red twice.
- Press the power key to test if the device turns on or off. and so the code works.
Press the Blue MUTE button

NOTE: You can program the remote to control your TV, DVD player, stereo, etc. The details and codes for this are in this link:

3. The remote is faulty. Contact Airlink to have the faulty remote replaced.

Airlink Facebook page:

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Airlink, I am just trying to be helpful.

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