Thursday, November 23, 2017

Check if vehicle and driver's permit are valid

The Ministry of Works and Transport has now launched a site where anyone can verify if a driver's permit or a vehicle is properly registered. 
The site is free to use and can be found here 

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Obesity is a global epidemic

Five takeaways from a giant study on an epidemic governments can't ignore. It is hard to ignore the statistics and not worry about our future. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

IELTS Trinidad and Tobago

I recently had a friend who went through this process and I wanted to share their experience.

IELTS is an exam which tests your English language ability. It is required for many migration and student applications. Test centres are only set up in certain countries and Trinidad is one of them. The centre is located at the Centre for language Learning (CLL) in the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus. Website -

There is one test at every month end assuming there are enough candidates for the program. Most times you would get a date for an exam two or more months away because of the high enrollment. The cost is $2000TTD and is not refundable. Basically if you miss the exam you have to pay again unless you have extreme circumstances such as illness, bereavement, trauma, military service or natural disasters. You have the option of paying a penalty to take only the verbal component on a different day if you miss the appointment.

The exam consists of four parts which test your English proficiency in four areas- speaking, writing, reading, listening. The speaking component takes part typically on the Thursday or Friday before the Saturday of the other exams. The writing, reading, listening are all done together on a single day.

In order to sign up, you first make an appointment online and this tells you the next available test date. You will get instructions and a deadline to make your payment at UWI. The office which you must visit in order to register is in the same building in which the exams take place. After payment you will get confirmation and instructions for your exams. You should check that your schedule is the same 48 hours before the exam because it may change. Candidates from other countries are advised to arrive well before exam days because flight or boat delays are not grounds for a refund if you miss the exam.

After you register you are given 30 hours of access to official training material for all the componants. You will also find many other free tips online. If you are not a native English speaker this can be difficult so you should be as comfortable as you can before taking the exam. Different countries/universities have different requirements for the minimum score they require. The country's immigration website of the university's website would have official details, be wary of advice from forums and other sites. Youtube has many examples of Band 9 (max score) spoken exams which show how exactly how the interview is conducted. Try to practice all components because for some people it may have been a while since they have sat or concentrated for such a long time for an exam.

There is an elevator once you are inside the building. The exam rooms are not on the same floor.

Try to reach early for your exams because one of the warnings is that traffic can be bad and parking may be difficult to find close by. During exams you are given a key for a locker which could hold a small backpack or medium sized purse easily. You must have the same ID which you registered with in order to enter the exams. Typical exam conditions apply during exams. You will be given writing paper, a pen, pencil and eraser so you do not need to bring your own. The building can be cold because of the air conditioning so you should bring a jacket. The only item you are allowed to bring is a clear bottle of water with the label removed. Bathroom breaks are taken out of your exam time and you are not given breaks between exams on Saturday. You are not allowed to leave during the listening portion because this would distract too many candidates and the recording is only played once.

Results are available 13 days (or two Fridays) after the exam day. If you do not collect it then it will be mailed for free to your registered address through regular post while may take a couple weeks to be delivered. You can also pay for expedited mailing.

The staff is very professional and helpful, however you should not try to be too friendly with them as requested in the guidelines.

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IELTS UWI Trinidad
IELTS UWI Caribbean

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Great things in Trinidad and Tobago

Here are a few things in no particular order that I think are well worth your time.

Theater shows- There are shows from the full spectrum of genres but the are some that are consistently great
DC Shell Theater plays -
These are clean and for the whole family. They are usually based on a fairy tale with a trini slant.

Joel John music -
This guy has massive talent and does a lot of good work for the community. He usually has an annual concert but also performs during the year.

Kafta Grill -
My favourite thing is the beef burger but the whole menu is delicious.

M Ramrattan Tyres - Address:39-41 Southern Main Road, Marabella, Trinidad, Phone:(868) 653-3124 . 
Good prices and service on rims, tyres, batteries and other accessories.

City Wok- Cipero Road, San Fernando -
Good food and service

Trinidad and Tobago weather centre -
A citizen providing weather related updates far above what the authorities do. 

Best things in Tnt
Great things in Trinidad and Tobago

Monday, June 19, 2017

Emergency Shelters

The picture shows a list and map of the emergency shelters in Trinidad. Shelters in Tobago and a lot more emergency information can be found on the ODPM's site 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Business internet packages

I wanted to do a brief comparison of some options for internet for corporate businesses. This is just a general idea of what you can expect because as you can see a lot of info is missing. I do not represent any company. You must contact them directly for accurate prices for all packages they offer and full details. 

Digicel Fibre 50 down /15 up $499/month, 150/ $699, 200/100 $1299 - 399-9999 or 299-6600

CW/Flow DSL 60 down /15 up $618, 120/20 $866, free static IP, installation is $469 - 224-2388 

Bmobile, DSL 2 down/0.768 up, $374,  4/0.768 $419,  6/0.768 $599 , installation is $350+vat - 824-8788 or 800 4848 

Updated June 16th 2017

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