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Friday, April 24, 2015

When scientists lie under oath

This is a horror story, and will probably make a good movie. If this can happen in the USA can you imagine what goes on in less developed countries?

Related to this and from a while ago:

Inaccurate information on

I tried calling the customer care number for (PL) to inform them of inaccurate information on their site. It shows the old baggage policy prices for Caribbean Airlines, below is a copy of the rules from a ticket I bought directly from caribbean-airlines (CAL) for a flight from POS to USA. I spoke to Emma from the Travel Services Dept (in USA) who basically said if I did not buy a ticket from them and it is not affecting me then leave it alone. The conversation was somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes but went nowhere.

She said there is nobody there who can change the information on their site because that info comes from the airlines and they only show what the airlines give them. She could not say when was the last time the policy was received from CAL or when PL had last checked if it was inaccurate, which I expected, however she was also very unwilling to have it investigated at all. She said the issue would be handled when a customer buys a ticket and that says their second checked bag is free and they go to CAL that CAL would have to honour that ticket. I am very skeptical about them honouring an outdated policy on an agent's site. I think she got upset that I was trying to inform them of an issue that did not affect me.

Below is the current list of baggage charges for CAL:

Baggage Policy for Caribbean Airlines Flights Only

Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Fees (All Passengers)
To/from Caribbean & South America (excluding to/from Trinidad & Tobago)To/from USA and Caribbean & South AmericaTo/from Canada and Caribbean & South AmericaTo/from United Kingdom and Caribbean & South AmericaTo/from Trinidad and Tobago
Business and Economy1pc @ 10kg/22lb plus 1 personal item
Extra Carry-On BagUSD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00/CAD 120.00USD 75.00/GBP 50.00USD 100.00
Heavy Carry-On BagUSD 50.00USD 50.00USD 50.00/CAD 60.00USD 40.00/GBP 25.00USD 50.00
Oversized Carry-On BagUSD 50.00USD 50.00USD 50.00/CAD 60.00USD 40.00/GBP 25.00USD 50.00
Checked Baggage Allowance and Fees (Adult/Child)
Business3pcs @ 23kg/50lb eachNot Applicable
Economy Flex2pcs @ 23kg/50lb each1pc @ 23kg/50lb each
Economy Semi-Flex1pc @ 23kg/50lb each2pcs @ 23kg/50lb eachNot Applicable
Economy Non-Flex1pc @ 23kg/50lb each2pcs @ 23kg/50lb eachNot Applicable
1st BagFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
1st Bag HeavyUSD 75.00USD 75.00USD 75.00/CAD 90.00USD 40.00/GBP 25.00USD 75.00
2nd BagUSD 25.00USD 25.00USD 25.00/CAD 30.00FreeUSD 25.00
2nd Bag HeavyUSD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00/CAD 120.00USD 40.00/GBP 25.00USD 100.00
3rd BagUSD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00/CAD 120.00USD 80.00/GBP 50.00USD 100.00
3rd Bag HeavyUSD 175.00USD 175.00USD 175.00/CAD 210.00USD 120.00/GBP 75.00USD 175.00
4th BagUSD 175.00USD 175.00USD 175.00/CAD 210.00USD 160.00/GBP 100.00USD 175.00
4th Bag HeavyUSD 250.00USD 250.00USD 250.00/CAD 300.00USD 200.00/GBP 125.00USD 250.00
Oversized Checked BagUSD 75.00USD 75.00USD 75.00/CAD 90.00USD 40.00/GBP 25.00USD 75.00
Travelling Pet as checked baggage (not allowed to/from London)USD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00/CAD 120.00Not ApplicableUSD 100.00

New CAL baggage policy wrong prices

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Self diagnosis web tool

Digicel APN settings

You have to create an Access Point Name (APN) in order for data to work at 4G speeds. Also make sure your smart phone is NOT set to 2G only.
Dig into your data or network settings to see where to add an APN. When creating the APN only two details need to be filled out:
Name: Anything you want, I usually put my name 

You may have to restart your phone for the settings to take effect.
If it still does not work, dial 100 and go through the menu to get to a rep who can talk you through setting it up.

You may also find this helpful:

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Monday, April 13, 2015


To Ann who helped me on Friday- Thank you very much. I agree that we need to look out for each other a lot more. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 showing an old homepage

It must be April fools! Amazon has an old home page up for fun.

A smarter way to track potholes

I have a mental map of which potholes (roadholes) I prefer to damage my car with, but this can give the people who actually want to fix the roads a better idea of what to do.