Monday, January 21, 2013

HP warranty for Trinidad and Tobago

I bought an AIO printer a couple months ago and there is a loud grinding noise when the blank paper is moving through it. The agent said the printer would probably be replaced which I am glad to hear.

The number for anyone in Trinidad and Tobago to call is 1-800-711-2884 but note that it is not toll free and I paid approximately $0.50 ttd per minute. I mentioned I was paying for the call and the rep said that is the correct number to call and maybe if I tried later it would be free. I called a little after lunchtime, and my 'toll free' calls to Dell are charged for also. The call lasted about 21 minutes. I was told it would take about 5 business days to process my complaint.

All phone numbers are here:

Update on 22nd Jan:
A brand new printer was delivered to me at the address I gave yesterday. I got to keep the old one and the delivery man I could use it for spare parts if I liked. I said thanks very much and he was off.

I am impressed by the quick service. Good job HP!

 Update on August 27th 2013:
I bought a different model AIO and it has a broken paper pickup roller. HP is sending me back to the seller to have it replaced. I hope the replacement is fine.

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