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How to renew drivers permit

When I renewed my Trinidad and Tobago driver's permit the process was very simple:

1. Go to one of the licence offices and fill out the renewal form which is available at the counter.
Main offices:
Caroni - Southern Main Road Frederick Settlement (868) 612-4682 / 665- 5989
San Fernando - Balisier Avenue, Pleasantville (868) 657-7451
Tobago - Milford Road, Shaw Park Scarborough (868) 639-2466

Sub offices: 
Arima - Ministry of Works and Transport Compound O’Meara Road (868) 667-0172
Port of Spain - Wrightson Road (868) 625-1031
Princes Town - LP 235 Iere Village (868) 655-8871
Point Fortin - 62-64 Main Road, Point Fortin (868) 648-2865
St James - Upstairs Post Office, Western Main Road (868) 628- 2004

2. Go to the first counter to submit the form and confirm if you will be renewing for 5 years or 10 years. You surrender your old permit at this point to the clerk so you can take a picture of the back and front for personal records.

3. At a second counter, pay either $500ttd for 5 years or $1000ttd for 10 years renewal at the cashier for your light motor vehicle class. Other classes have different prices and may include a medical fee to have your blood pressure and eyes tested. There is no advantage of choosing one or the other except the time span. Walk with cash since many times no other form of payment is possible and there may not be an ATM close by. If I owned a bank I would install one at each license office.

4. Wait to be called to have your picture taken and signature recorded. You will be asked to verify your permit information printed on a slip. Look at the spelling of each word carefully to be sure it is correct.

5. Wait for your new permit. Double check that all the information is correct before leaving.

-  I would avoid the Wrightson Road and San Fernando offices because they are usually very busy. Also call the office before you go to confirm they are operating properly.
- Go at an off peak time like after 9.00am. There is usually a line first thing in the morning. Also do not go too late because some cashiers close early at noon, 2.00pm, 3.00pm etc.
- You are expected to be properly dressed when going to the office. Decent short pants to your knees and slippers may be allowed but no vests, caps and tank tops, strap tops etc, basically your shoulders should be covered. Avoid excessive makeup.
- Walk with cash because that may be the only accepted method to pay since linx and credit card machines may be out of order and cheques are not accepted and there may not be an ATM close by.
- Call before going to the office to verify they are open and the cashier's closing hours. An office may be closed due to an HSE issue, no water or electricity or workers are sick etc.
Eg 1.
Eg 2.
- Call the office you intend on visiting to ensure the service you are hoping for will be available there and on that day. Eg. vehicle inspections and ownership changes may only be done at San Fernando, Caroni, Tobago. 
- The entire renewal process actually takes 20 minutes assuming there is working equipment and no lines.
- Parking for some offices are non existent so ask your friends about the area if you have never been there before.
- Carry a pen for your own convenience.

Update Feb 9 2018
The helpful booklet has been removed. Please let me know if you find a link for it.
- Check out the Ministry of Works and Transport Information booklet which has answers to questions you might have -

Also be aware of a points based system where you can have your license taken away if you accumulate sufficient penalties within a certain period.

Update Jan 13 2017
A new permit design is currently being phased in which will be similar to the current design but also includes a barcode and plastic coating on the back.

Update Feb 13 2017
Caroni Facility is now open

UpdateMarch 9 2017
Some permit numbers were issued multiple times

Update May 11 2017
This is the only mention of driver's permit on the government ttconnect site:

Update Dec 15 2017
You can now verify the validity and authenticity of any driver's permit using a government site-
You can also check the owner of a vehicle according to the Ministry's information via this site-

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  9. I was talking with one of the reps at the license office, when a permit is expired I was told that you have up to 6 months for it to be renewed by paying the $500 (5yrs) or the $1000 (10yrs) and if the 6 months passes, you are eligible to pay a fee of $875. (I think it's somewhere around that figure, but definitely more than the normal $500.00)

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