Monday, May 2, 2016

How to block unknown callers

I have heard many stories of people being harassed via calls to their cellphones. There may be some easy ways to stop this if the victim owns a smartphone.

Most people do not know the full potential of their own smart phones. The phones may have a built in option to block numbers whether they are known or unknown. The exact method to block a number would be different for each phone and version of operating system they run.

You may have the option to long press on a number in the call list and then get a popup asking if you want to block the number.

You may have to go into your settings and find an option for a 'blocked' list. Add the number you are avoiding to that list.

These may or may not allow you to block unknown numbers. Another option may be if you are able to whitelist specific numbers. This would only work if you have a short list you want to receive calls from.

Another option is to download an app that gives you the ability to block numbers. Do a search in your app store whether it is Android, Microsoft, Apple or anyone else and see what comes up as a popular app and has good reviews. You do not need a data plan for this as it can be done over WiFi. 

If this happens with your landline or you do not have a smartphone I suggest you report it to your provider (Tstt, Digicel etc.) and perhaps also the police. There is not much you can do to block calls on your landline.

If the calls persist or you still feel threatened then do not hesitate to make a report to the police. There may be little they can do according to the law but you need to do your part and report it.

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