Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This was a very good weekend. I took a plane into Tobago on Friday night with some friends. We met a group who took over a couple cars on the boat a few hours before. The house we stayed in had everything except a pool, which is fine because the beach was better. For three days we went to Pigeon point and it was free entry on Sunday. We had 3 year old identical twins with us so we needed shade on the beach which Store Bay did not have. The sunset Sunday was a masterpiece: blue, red, pink, gold with clouds on the horizon and sun beams around it. The sunlight making shadows on the unevenness and footprints in the sand was a nice detail. From the water looking at the shore I wished I had my camera to get a shot because the now yellow sunlight made it look very picturesque. On Saturday and Monday there were weddings on the jetty, this is wedding season after all, too bad they missed the sunset on Sunday. Also on Sunday was the Tobago Emancipation Day Celebrations in Pigeon Point. I was sitting there thinking- WOW this is cool, under a noni tree on this great beach while I am listening to African Drums, Steelpan and Tassa playing all at the same time.

We rented a couple scooters and I went for a drive one night. I need to sharpen up my cornering but I have the basics right. We did not make it to Little Tobago, only to Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool. It rained for a few minutes on the boat ride there but just stayed overcast while we were out of the boat so it turned out well with no stinging sun. In Pigeon Point the banana boat rides gave me bruises from tumbling into people and jumping off the jetty probably helped that too.

Back home we had what felt like unlimited food, drinks and snacks. A modded Wii with a few dozen games on it, big screen TV with cable, karaoke setup, musical instruments and ofcourse Rummikub kept us busy while we were there. I was on the bottom of a bunk bed, I played it safe incase the bed could not handle the weight on top, since I definitely came back home heavier, I did not check the scale yet but I am guessing 5 pounds more. Back on to P90X ASAP.

To top off the weekend I had to worry about missing my flight back to Trinidad. One girl in the group changed her ticket to go home a day earlier but what Caribbean Airlines does is cancels the booking for the group involved. In this case we had two other people in this group of tickets so without us knowing we lost our space to go back to Trinidad. I had to wait standby on the next flight (which was also the last one out for the night) and the second girl was lucky enough to go on the same flight that we were supposed to.

This was a very good weekend :-)

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