Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lyndon Lai Tan in concert

Lyndon's annual concert was on the 14th August at the Naparima Bowl. Tickets were $150 and had a door prize of an electric guitar. I did not think the Bowl could look like that, laser lights, clouds of smoke, rockers on stage. One fan had an air horn that was fired off after each song. Lyndon was the lead singer with his band behind him and a couple guest performers that deserve a concert of their own. The electric guitarist was on the ball all the way through with perfectly timed epic rifts and each tone in harmony with the rest of the band. The drummer and bass guitarist who are brothers were the heart of the melodies. The audience was mainly the younger crowd with a small section of older folks in the middle of the room but I am sure everyone thoroughly the show. Close to the end there was a mini mosh pit and screaming fans at the front of the stage. With the right opportunity this band can make it huge. I hope they do. There will be another concert sometime in December.

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