Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trinidad poverty rate

I heard the minister of finance last night saying Trinidad is not being mismanaged and that we have money in the bank and high employment rate. She backed it up with particular numbers from the Central Bank and International reports.

She failed to mention that Trinidad also has a high number of people still below the poverty line.

Over $400 BILLION spent and people still suffering. That is gross mismanagement.

We may have a happy and healthy economy but not a happy and healthy population.

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  1. what abt all the money spending on their election campaign? you knw who's pocket that coming out of? yours!... not mine since I don't pay taxes, plus they're using the ptsc buses to transport all their supporters to rallies, same will be sued to ensure their supporters can go vote on poll day. this "bottomless pit" of funding and even the misuse of public transport is unavailable to the "other" side...just some food for thought.

    also there is a campaign ad that has me with a woman with a sultry voice speaking of the "low" crime rate in trinidad being an example of the great things the patrick has done for first impulse was to think that this must be sarcasm right? but then again...what if it's not?