Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 26th, 2010

What a day eh? The day the first female Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago is sworn in. The first heavy rain showers of the season and widespread flooding and damage and loss of property. My one week mark for doing the P90X program.

Kamla Persad-Bissessar I think sounded the way a Prime Minister is supposed to sound when she speaks, and says she is going to follow through on her promises. When she was outside after the ceremony she made her body guards loosen the area around her to get more intimate with the barrage of reporters. I think this speaks mountains about her and what we can expect to see with transparency and openness with her government. The first thing the new Prime Minister said is going to deal with is the flooding disaster, see what was immediately needed and put it into action, sounds simple enough. Maybe now the local government will get proper manpower assigned to them. We have more rain on the way so promises need to be kept.

My muscles and ligaments all over are sore from exercising everyday for the last week. The P90X program is about 1 hour workout a day with different routines each day. Yesterday it was my calves in pain, today it is my shoulders. I love the idea of working out without using big machines, only using dumbbells and my own body weight. I still have to get the eating part right as I am still eating a large meal for dinner and junk during the day.

I also watched Slumdog Millionaire last night, good movie. It showed the dirty parts of India without being too dirty. Many people really do have it badly in India and we have it quite well here in Trinidad. Appreciate what we have and do not take it for granted.

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