Sunday, January 31, 2010

Movie Towne Chaguanas Now Open

I went to see Legion at Movie Towne Chaguanas and was disappointed. The outside of the theatre was covered with dusty footprints made by people walking by the neighbouring unfinished sections of the building. There were open doors and doors missing with chemical containers and garbage in the same sections. The outside of the theatre looks nice and well done. I went into the glass doors to the confectionery and game room without showing my ticket. In there above you are four space men fighting each other on suspended platforms. The entire interior is a space or spaceship theme. The tickets are the same price as the other branches. In the theatre the seats were well spaced as I could leave the middle of the row while the movie was going on and not disturb any ones feet when I was going past them, I like that. The seats needed a little too much leaning back to get them to stay reclined but I'm sure that will change after enough use. The armrests between seats cannot be lifted up and hidden away as in Invaders Bay. There was still the scent of paint and/or new fabric in the air and I was a little uncomfortable with it. The atmosphere in the theatre was a watered down feeling of the POS feeling though, I don't know how else to explain it. It was clean and as it should be but something was still missing from this theatre. The wash rooms are a similar and smaller layout to the POS building as well.

On the way out of the parking lot I was confused by the arrows on the ground as they said go ahead but none pointed to an exit. There was caution tape on what I was going to call a main exit but I had to pass under two anchor lines from a pole at the far corner of the lot. There needs to be more directions for the traffic to know where to go. The road at the back of Price Smart is deplorable and I do not recommend using it unless you have a SUV or a high clearance vehicle. There is a bottle neck going back on the main road with the traffic lights as there is a four way intersection by the side of Rituals/ Super Pharm on a narrow street. When the rest of buildings are complete I am guessing the parking lot will have a second exit onto the main road and away from that intersection.

I am sure the increased traffic is welcomed by the fish and shrimp vendor who is still there bestowing the traffic with his aromatic delicacies.

Link to movies showing at the Chaguanas branch of Movie Towne:


  1. I didn't realise the arm rest couldn't move, I just thought we had the drink there and didn't move it. You should write a review of the movie too, 'terrible script', 'confusing storyline", etc.

  2. why do you have to pay so much just to see one movie?