Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best apps for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Symbian S60 5th edition)

Here is a reminder of the phone's basics:
  • 3.2", bright nHD 640 x 360 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio screen. (It is called the nHD screen because it is basically 1/9th of a HD screen)
  • Resistive touch screen (you can choose different levels for the phone to vibrate when you touch it)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR
  • Accelerometer Sensor
  • Battery: BL-5J 3.7V 1320mAh
I have been tryin out a few free apps for my phone and these are the ones I highly recommend.


Opera Mobile Browser: A web browser that can have multiple tabs open and supports cut, copy, paste. The built in keyboard is well made and nokia should take a note of it.

Bright Light : It is an app that turns the two LEDS next to the camera ON or OFF with the control being the picture of a large switch, BRILLIANT! This should have been built into the phone but luckily you can get it on the net for free. The Ovi store had it for free last year but it is just under $10TTD now.

Phone Torch: An alternative to 'Bright Light' which gives you more options if you want it. The 'change color' button switches between the two white leds and the red led which is much dimmer. You also get a morse code blinker that you can type words into and it is supposed to signal it with the leds. I do not know how accurate the codes are but it does blink when you tell it to.
 Y-Browser : This is a file manager that lets you see all files on your phone. There are multiple drives (partitions?) on your phone that File Manager does not let you see and also files that it does not show.
Counter: This is a running counter for the number of times you tap the big '+' or '-' in the app and it vibrates as you tap. Whenever you close and go back into the app it shows the last count you made and you can go up of down in it as you normally would. It is very responsive and can keep up with rapid tapping. There is space for a 4 digit number on the counter and it also has a '0' or reset button. Made by Offscreen Technologies Ltd.
Fring: A messaging app that can connect to multiple platforms (msn, google, yahoo, skype, fring etc.) and puts all contacts in one list. You can make free voice or video calls once the other person supports it. It uses a data connection so beware of when it connects if you use it on free wifi only else you will be charged.
Minesweeper: Free from the Ovi store, this is the classic game with no frills really. A good way to kill time. The game only shows in portrait mode, landscape mode leaves the screen as it was so you can still play but with things tilted. I recommend plaing with the stylus for accuracy.

Bubble Bash!: Shoot different colored balls up to match other and when three or more meet you score until you clear the screen. You progress through stages on different sections of a tropical island and have to beat a boss after each section. For each stage you get a gold, silver or bronze trophy depending on how quickly you finish it. Your choices are a boy or girl to hit the balls up and they win clothes they can change into and pieces of a treasure map. I'm not sure what the map shows but I'm yet to see a treasure map that disappoints. You can replay the stages to get more points for your final score of to get a better trophy. The stages vary enough to keep you interested and the music is well made. The game only works in portrait mode. I recommend plaing with the stylus for accuracy.
Very addictive and Made by Gameloft.
Boom Blox: You get to shoot cannon balls at blocks on steps. The goal is the shoot off only the blocks that do not matter or that count for points using a limited number of shots. You can choose how hard you fire and at what corner you hit the blocks. Choosing the right blocks and angles gives chain reactions that knock other blocks the right way and you score more points. Trophies are earned by the number of points you make. As you go left or right your perception of the blocks changes so it's like looking at it in 3D. This works in portrait or landscape mode. Use the stylus for accuracy.
Made by Electronic Arts Inc.
Touch Popper: Are you a fan of bubble wrap? WHO ISN'T?!?? You get a screen full of plastic bubbles to pop. They regenerate (soft of in order) by the time you finish the current screenfull, about two seconds later. You can play in two modes: Free play or Timed mode. The first lets you pop until you drop, the second gives you 60 seconds to pop as many as you can and hopefully be listed in the High Scores table. The sound of the pop could have sounded a little more plasticy but it works. The phone also vibrates when you pop. This only works in portrait mode. The stylus for needed for accuracy.
Made by Activate.
For more apps and to solve your problem of the error message similar to "Application not signed" etc, go to this site and register, submit you IMEI and you can get the apps signed for free as well as download more apps for free.

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