Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a week

So the last 7 days have been something else, very eventful. It started off with me thinking about my personal problems and now I am wondering about my higher purpose. I have gone on many ups and downs and hopefully that will end soon.

Last week I had to work on a couple projects that were stressfull.

On Friday I went with friends to NAPA for a classical indian music show that was excellent. NAPA itself is much better than Queen's Hall, my knees do not even touch the next row in NAPA but I cannot close my legs in Queen's Hall. The taps in the gents FAIL but there is tons of headroom by the urinals, unlike Queen's Hall.

On Saturday I went looking for a new window regulator and springs and shocks but I did not find the regulator. The window is working for now though... mayb those few accidents I made with the hammer on it helped. Also there was a failed DJ show in Space La Nouba. You definitely had to be drunk to enjoy that. The show in Zen was 50 times better, no drinking required.

Sunday I went to a meeting for a group that is trying to help themselves by helping the country. One day I think they will succeed.

On Monday I got a heap of responsibility I hope I can handle.

On Tuesday I got more details of my new role that I got on monday and I got called for an interview I was nervous for.

Today I went on the Interview and was told I was over qualified for the vacancy, which I agree with but why was I called for an interview if they already saw my resume? Anyway, I did offer to set up their website because they need one, then they offered me a spot on their managerial board ... interesting eh. I will see how that goes.

Wow it's been a ride.

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