Saturday, February 3, 2018

Side hustles in Trinidad

The economy is heading downward, prices are rising and lots of people are losing their jobs. Here are some ideas for quickly starting your own business or small gigs you can do to earn your money. If you manage these properly, these can lead to more customers and your business will grow. Stay humble and recongise that you can learn something from every customer you meet.

Crime is NOT an option.

1. "UBER"
While 'pulling bull' or 'PH' is the name we know it as, taxis are always in demand. Getting a Taxi badge and having your vehicle plate changed and inspected regularly would be required if you want to be above board. There are a few different apps which allow you to be an on demand taxi, however their legality is questionable.

2. Cooking
Food is always in demand and some people have become hugely popular from relatively simple things such as pies, doubles, sandwiches. Some people fill their car with lunch boxes and deliver to business areas around lunch time. When their car is full they go home and their work day is done. It is simple to get your food badge but you should practice and get feedback on quality and taste before you start ramping up production.

3. Simple home repairs
If you know basic plumbing or carpentry and can deliver a quality looking job you are already ahead of other people in the trade. This could be to fix simple problems such as water pump pressure tanks, run a line for a new tap, change leaking faucets etc.
Any sort of electrical repair should only be attempted if you are trained and know what you are doing.

4. Car wash
With so many cars in the country, almost any business related to vehicles would be popular. You could differentiate yourself by having a steam cleaner/vacuum, air scents etc.

5. Cleaning/maid services
This could be very simple or complicated depending on your abilities. Indoors, you could sweep, mop, cobweb, iron clothes, cook meals, do laundry, babysit etc. Outdoors you could power wash, cutting lawns, landscape, clear gutterings etc.

Finally, Showcase your talent
This is a sort of catchall for many things but the idea is no share your special skill to entertain and motivate people.
Can you sing? Dance? Do BMX tricks? Play an instrument? MC events? Being a part of weddings or parties might be your calling.

For all of these you can start a facebook page and upload some of performances or customer reviews. Having an online presence with social validation (reviews) goes a very long way for any business.
Also consider having free rewards for regular customers, eg. a free car wash after the 10th paid one etc.

You should use common sense when doing these such as not keeping large sums of money at your business place and avoiding sketch areas to ply your trade.
I am in no way advocating to break the law or avoid paying taxes or any other fees associated with running a business.
It takes money to make money so you may have to ask nicely for a few favours until you can get more established.

If you have any more ideas, leave them in the comments below :)

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