Monday, January 9, 2017

Where are wrecked cars taken

You return to the spot you parked your car and it is no longer there. You realize that your car has been wrecked by looking at road signs, tracking it via GPS or a witness tells you.
Here is a list of where vehicles are taken when they are towed:

Western Port of Spain - Invaders Bay (Next to Movie Towne) 1 868 623-7811, 1 868 290-3608.(°39'34.8"N+61°31'42.3"W/)

Eastern Port of Spain - Next to the Market (°38'47.7"N+61°30'13.7"W/)

Chaguanas - Police station next to Chaguanas Borough Corporation (°31'18.8"N+61°25'02.1"W/)

San Fernando - Police Station (Harris Promenade) 1 868 652-2858 (°16'48.1"N+61°27'57.8"W/)

List of all police stations in the country:

Information on the wrecking of cars-

The process to retrieve your vehicle is as follows:
The first thing to do is to ensure you have $500ttd cash because just like any other government office, cash is the only valid form of payment.
If you go to the places listed above after4.30pm-ish and before 8.00am-ish you will probably be told to go somewhere else to pay and come back for your car.
Wherever you have to pay, you will need your driver's permit, the vehicle's insurance and $500ttd, I am not sure if the officers would process you if you do not have your license which can happen if the vehicle is parked is another location from where you have to pay. Next go to where your vehicle is and collect it.

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