Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to check NIS contributions

I recently had to check for a contribution record from the National Insurance Board (NIB). Two forms need to be filled out, one is the request for the contribution statement, and the other is to update your personal information. When I got to the office I asked a security officer where I should go and then I had to wait about 20 minutes to see a CSR who accepted my completed forms. He printed the statement in a couple minutes of me getting to him. As expected, the records showed missing payments.

I will need to get proof of employment for the period in question from my employer and return to have the records fixed. It is amazing that a company letter is all it would take for the records to be changed, as if they are creating payments out of thin air. It is as if the money does not really matter. Another common problem is missing payments before 1991. This is apparently because during 1991 the records were computerised and the records previously taken on paper are ignored.

When I arrived there was a ticket counter that was on 55 when I went in but the next customer was all the way up at 79. I assume people came in and took a number and left because they were tired of waiting. This particular office was extremely cold and the air was blowing strongly directly on the seated customers. The AC must have been set to arctic, that is what it felt like. There was a woman with a very young baby who was waiting for her number to call. I am not sure how long she was waiting.

A list of addresses and phone numbers for all the offices can be found at the NIB site http://www.nibtt.net. Calls to most offices are never answered but you can keep trying. Good luck!

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