Monday, June 7, 2010

Nokia 5800 firmware version 40.2.005 update (latest for 2010)

Updated to 40.2.005 from 31.2.101 today. I had to install Nokia Software updater (34 MB) and the firmware itself was a little over 130MB. I tried to update it on a Windows 7 machine but the phone kept switching off right before the update process and did not come back on until I power it on myself. It was successful on a Windows XP SP3 machine. It looks the same, I think the screen is a little more sensitive, but I know some days the phone is more responsive to me, my hands change. All my contacts, SMS, apps, theme are just as it was before the upgrade.

The kinetic scrolling in the contacts is a big improvement, no more peeling back my silicone case to find the scroll bar! The main menu screen does not have it but the sub menus do. The slide to answer will take some getting used to. I am not comfortable moving my thumb across the screen and I will be answering with one hand only. It is easier to press once. I like that turning it to landscape changes to full-screen keyboard and the default in portrait is the alphanumeric keys.

BUT, the letters are STILL missing from the number keys to dial!
GPS still takes over a minute to lock on.
When scrolling contacts sometimes I get two screens' worth of writing together one in front the other, so I just see gibberish, the old writing is not removed when the new writing is put on, very ugly. It happens the worst when the first name on the current screen is selected and I scroll up. If I go up again it works correctly but I am now past the name I may have wanted.
The profile list when you click the date on the home screen has kinetic scroll, WHICH IS USELESS! The entire list will always show on the screen as it does not change to landscape. It is annoying when the list moves and does not get selected. Why would it have kinetic scroll there and NOT in the main menu?

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