Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bulging(swollen) capacitors on Dell motherboard

I worked on a Dell Dimension 8400 with some bad capacitors on the motherboard causing random freezing and crashing. The chip is a P4 with HT and ram is 512mb DDR2 400mhz.The dell board is on a plate that can be removed from the case to work on the motherboard but the holes on the board and plate are non standard. I planned to just switch the board and use the same case but the non standard holes did not allow it so I had to use a new case. I only realised I had to get new ram when the new board would not boot with the dell ram and I checked to realise the board needs 533mhz ram at least and refused to use the Dell 400mhz stick. Thankfully DDR2 is cheap right now so it was easily fixed. The heatsink on the dell was a large heatpipe stack and large fan but with custom holes and mount for the dell board so I am using a stock Core2 Duo heatsink which is a freebie from a friend who used an aftermarket cooler instead.

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